Doubling Down on the Post

Smaller teams have a tough time with opponents who are big in size and playing style.  Keeping big guys off the boards and off the block is usually a tough task.  Usually, our coaches recommend doubling down on that player to help eliminate their ability to catch the ball.  If your team is going up against and player who is a force on the block, here are a few tips to help stop that player for short runs.


Double the Post 3 Ways:


  1. Have all players collapse on the post player. Doing this early in games, against a great post player, will help take them out of the game. If the post doesn’t get touches early it is likely teammates will forget about the post, and stop going to him/her.
  2. Based on scouting, or early game analysis, find worst offensive player and double the post with whoever is guarding that player.
  3. Double off the biggest player. Usually slower, the biggest player won’t react when defender leaves.  Having hands up in the paint will cut down on vision and passes over the top.

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