ECC Boys Basketball Pre-Season Rankings

ECC Preseason Rankings 2017-18
2017-18 Predictions
Wins Losses
Loveland 12 2
West Clermont 11 3
Milford 10 4
Walnut Hills 9 5
Anderson 7 7
Withrow 6 8
Kings 5 9
Turpin 4 10
Team Notes
Loveland Greiser *9.5 ppg) has one more year experience, so we’re certain he will lead this stacked team to at least 10 wins.  With Willis and Hedgepeth becoming more seasoned, this team should stay on top from game 1.
West Clermont With the departure of Glen Este comes West Clermont.  We’re certain they will leave the conference at some point, but for now they will be a power house with plenty of talent to choose from in this blended district.  They will be tall, fast, and ready to defend.  Watch for this team to reach #1.
Milford This team is just scrappy and aggressive.  The won’t blow you up with stats, but they can shoot and they can rebound.  Gallimore’s brother was on that amazing 2013-14 team, so Nathan is probably going to try and live up to that undefeated record.  Watch for them to approach 10+ wins.
Walnut Hills Coach Hill always puts together a competitive team.  This year will be no different.  He just needs shooters.  They can easily reach #1 in the conference if they can find some shooting.
Anderson Tiemeyer is an above average player with good skills around the rim.  The team is good, but they will have to become a solid defensive unit as most teams are going to try and beat them from the perimeter.
Withrow After losing all of their seniors, this team is going to be left with a young inexperienced group of players.  They will be tall and quick, but will struggle to play as a team.  They will succeed late in the season due to excellent coaching.
Kings When you lose over 7 seniors from your team, you can’t expect to have much success the following year.  Plus, losing all of your size doesn’t help either.  Much like Turpin, they will have to try and outscore teams from the outside in.  They have a good coach, so this team should be competitive.
Turpin The struggles of a small team will continue.  Turpin is just going to have to try and outscore teams.  Haddad can shoot and play D, but they will struggle on the boards.