HeatCheck Boys Varsity Player of the Year

Putting together our list of potential candidates for the boys player of the year wasn’t easy. This year, we had several players who qualified in many different ways.  Choosing the right player means trying to decide which player brings a ton of stats to the box score sheet and helps their team win by being a great team player.

With these things accounted for, our HeatCheck Player of the Year for 2016-17 is Lonnie Grayson of the Wyoming Cowboys boys varsity basketball team.  Not only did Grayson lead his team to a 24-2 season overall, he helped them win the CHL conference title and make a huge run in tournament action.  Averaging 21.4 PPG, Grayson was the obvious choice in terms of scoring power.  However, he also post 4.5 assist per game, 2.4 steals, and 6.4 rebounds per game.  On top of that, he shot 55.2% from the field.  Those are huge numbers. However, we can’t calculate the amount of attention that Grayson draws on the floor in any given game.  Opposing coaches ask their players to stick to Grayson like glue every game.  However, it only works for so long.  With a great ability to slash and cut to the basket, players find it very hard to stop him for 4 quarters.

Lonnie Grayson graduates this year and has plans to move onto to the next level by playing for ARMY and setting new goals in sports and life. There’s no doubt that Grayson has the ability to be successful at anything he puts his mind to.  He is the ultimate HeatCheck player.