We’re Ranking Teams Already

We can’t tell you much, but we’re already going around from conference to conference ranking teams in and around the metro Cincinnati area.   Once again, we hit on about 80% of our predictions from the prior year and we’re certain to do that once again for the 2017-18 season.


What can we tell you?


  1. The talent level is increasing, but not it’s not widespread.  We see a lot of players moving around to consolidate with better players and friends.  This limits the competition and maximizes exposure in the playoffs.  You will see more of this this year.
  2. Possibly as a result from the 1st bullet above, we’re seeing a lot of coaches growing more and more stressed about their programs.  We see coaches yelling, throwing clip boards, and hiring new staff more than we have in any other years.  The problem with this is that the players they do have start to shut down.  We’ve even seen kids walk out on programs during the summer.  Should the coach lay down?  No. However, talking to a kid in 2017 is not like talking to a kid in 1987.  Modernize coaches!
  3. Traveling, carrying the ball, and pushing-off are way too common now.  So much so that referees are even starting to loosen up on blowing the whistle to call the violations.  Why is that?  Well, the game is less exciting if you force a player to follow these basic rules. Excitement sells tickets to fans and sells sports to the players.  We’re hoping we see a change to this methodology soon.

Stay tuned.